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February 18, 2007



Great minds think alike - I've been designing stuff for Carolinez Craftz too!

I was born in the year of the pig, and so believe this is going to be a particularly auspicious year for me as a result. Guess I best get the business up and running then!

Gung Hey Fat Choi to you too.


Looks like you guys have great fun celebrating Chinese New Year at your school :) Mel x


It must be amazing to be in your school at the minute! So envious!!


The Chinese are so colourful. I bet the country is stunning right now.
They feast for days & I think if I did that I would be fat as a pig so year of the pig is definately a good one!!!


Gung Hey Fat Choi to you. This sounds like so much fun! I used to live near Manchester Chinatown and loved going down to the Chinese Arch to see the Lion Dancers. The Chinese are our largest ethnic group on the IOM as well.I work with a lovely Chinese lady who brought us all our "year animals" as a gift last year. Me I'm a Chinese Rabbit and I love my little jade charm!! looking forward to the classes!!
Jennie xx

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