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February 19, 2007



Karen that is absolutely stunning - thanks for sharing.


That's gorgeous Karen. I can decorate the actual CD, but never thought to make and decorate a cover, very kind of you to share.


This is lovely! I decided ages ago (and not got round to it) I would archive all my photo's by month. This has kicked started me into being a bit more organised with my photo's and I've made one this evening. Probably got another 50 to go but hey, they're so quick and easy and much prettier than a bog standard cd case! Thanks for sharing and fabulous blog too!


Beautiful idea.
I made CD's for the wedding guests at my sister's wedding & made holders constructed by hand. Never though to give digi a go!!!


Fab project Karen - thanks for sharing



Thanks for sharing - this is lovely!! Will be giving it a go!!! Also could you let me know what printer you have please that lets you print the cds - I want to buy a new printe but its a minefield and I haven't a clue which one to get!!!

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