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January 23, 2007



Wow, Dolly, I am so very impressed! I thought I had a lot of stash, but you definately have more than me. And very organised too.


How beautiful & tidy!!!
I love all the drawers & colour co ordination. I would love to be tidier. I have even decided to sort my ribbon & keep it wrapped up neat!!!


Wowee Karen! That is amazing. I love all the units. Are you hiring Nigel out? Maybe he can insprire my Martin to make me something similar? I love your prima collection, it's amazing. If I had mine all displayed like that I wouldn't want to use them either.


Wow it looks abs fab...lovely lovely prima bottles.
Well done Nij


Oh this was one of my confessions!! I do so ENVY you your hobby room!! Love your colour coordination and your flowers!


Wow Dolly that is a lovely space, but I must confess I would spend far too much time gazing at all those lovely prima jars they are so wonderfully bright and cheerful, I would be very upset if I had to use them LOL
Im building up my craft room, only this weekend I turned it from a spare room to MY room LOL


It is a wonderful space, well done Nij getting it all to fit, that is quite a challenge. You make good use of this wonderful room Ms Dolly so its all good :D

Eleni Gratsia

Oh my God ... your room is scrapper heaven to me!!! :)) What is Nigel's hobby?


What a lovely (and well stocked) scrap room. It's so tidy and well ........ lush! I hope to have my own 'scrap space' one day :-)


OMG! Karen, your scrap room is AMAZING! No wonder you produce such amazing LO's!

Erm...could Nigel come and sort mine out? I'd feed him!


Karen, I have been so inspired by your scrapping room! I use Floss bags for my cross stitch supplies and I hope you don't mind but I now intend to utilise them for my ribbons too. What a fab idea! I so envy you your room!


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