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March 04, 2017


Barb inAK

I was particularly impressed with the shading on the rhino. I am terrible at shading. That's why I don't do coloring books or use color pens and pencils with stamping. When I color, everything has the same depth! LOL!! The Eye is amazing!! <3

Knitting-- I did that when I was in high school. Started a pullover sweater (nothing fancy, just knit and purl). All I had left was one sleeve, and I realized I was never going to wear that sweater, so the project ended right then and there!!! LOL!!

I did knit my son a Dr. Who scarf for Christmas one year. He loved it (wasn't he sweet?).

The greatest thing about retirement-- beside being on your own schedule-- getting to do all the things you wanted to do when you were working. Kind of like saving up all those little dreams and then getting to do them-- or not. Sometimes, new opportunities arise that you never dreamed of, too! :-)


Hi Karen,drawing is something that I have said,I would love to do. But if I had been asked to do my first sketch of a rhino,I think I would just have lost interest right away.so you have done very well with your sketch.and the eye is very good! I have tried,looking at video demos first.i done an eye sketch that I think is good,for a first try.then I done one of our cat,from a photo, I was very pleased with that one.i find that when I try again it wasn't as good as the first one,so I will keep practising,and not just give up.


Hi Karen, I forgot to mention knitting ! I was always saying that I wanted to knit a pair of socks.the last time I tried I was when I was a young girl. Last year I bought the wool and again after looking at various web sites I found
Winwickmumblog spot and I have now got five pair of warm cosy hand knitted socks,that I always wear. The cable stitch isn't really difficult, and I see that Christine now has a video demo of her latest socks,that has a cable stitch in them.so I might try them next.

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