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June 08, 2014



Just wanted to wish you the best of luck for tomorrow. Please be kind to yourself.

I too was diagnosed with MM and had a WLE last year. Monday and Tuesday are not enough to be away from work, I'm afraid, even though you might want to get back really quickly. I returned to work too soon and the healing process took longer because of it (infections afterwards). I am probably similar to you - a workaholic and the sort of person that hates letting colleagues and others down BUT you need time to heal physically and mentally. Allow yourself that time, please, please.

H x

Freda Longhurst

I wish you the best of all possible outcomes. I'm a Dep. Head and know what dedicated teachers are like - put yourself first for once and take the time to heal.


Thinking of you tomorrow. Take some time to heal properly. Jenxx


Wishing you all the luck in the world. I can only second the other comments to put yourself first and allow time to fully recover. :)

Julie xx

Barb in AK

So glad they are making sure every single cell is going to be removed. May you have the peace of mind needed to get you through all this. Prayers are always lifted for your recovery and good health. I
know Nigel will be your rock.

Congrats on finding great looking tops for your up-coming vacation. I've been doing some shopping for a scrapping retreat that's coming up in about 10 days. I can't believe how cheap the materials look in some of the tops I have seen... even in some of the better shops. Wish I could find some cute stuff like you got :-)

Take care and don't rush yourself.... Keep up with the pain medication!

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