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January 10, 2010



Thanks! Have just downloaded #2. I haven't done #1 yet because my goal was for this to be my first digi project and I'm having trouble with getting Photoshop Elements to work on my laptop. I'll get there though1


Have downloaded - thanks. Again haven't done prompt 1 yet although have found my photo. Still deciding on what format I want to do.

Jo Sowerby

morning dolly, have downloaded #1 and 2. have found some photos for prompt 1 and plan to do that today or tomorrow. finishing my JYC at the moment.
Thanx for all the hardwork
Jo xxx


Have downloaded. Going to work on this today and try to finish prompt 1.

Claire Viney

Thanks Dolly. Have downloaded and read. Off to do some baking and have a think and then hope to get my page done tonight. I like to get things done and always feel a little uncomfortable knowing I have a list of things to do.
Thanks for a great project.


I have downloaded and completed prompt 1. Looking forward to tackling prompt 2. Many thanks for this, it's very inspirational.

Rosemary Hayward

Got it! Love the LO. I need to work on the first one first (grammar!) and I will be doing that when I have done here.

Thanks again


thank you, downloaded, prompt 1 prepared just needs sticking etc.

Jackie S

It felt like christmas morning this morning, I could not wait to open my laptop and download prompt 2.

I have it and cannot wait to compete it. Prompt 1 is completed as is my album front cover.

Thank you so much for putting in so much work and sharing your joy x


thank you! downloading now!

Lis Lambertsen

Thanks Karen, downloaded number 2. Love your layout for this prompt.... off to have a think.


thanks Karen x


Looks a great project. Pleased to be joining the journey.


Downloaded and raring to go with prompt 2. I love your LO for this prompt. Sorry if it was my pmompt 1 LO that made you cry


Hi Dolly... I have downloaded... what a great prompt... thank you for your ideas to do this No.2
I will have a look how to do this page... normally I like to do it digital but I like this journaling cards so much. I think I need a little time to do it.
Have a great sunday... hugs :)

debbie s

thank-you. i have downloaded prompt 2 and will have a look at it later. waiting for a current photo before doing the first one.

T Ann

Downloaded prompt 2 - thank you. I love the hidden jouranlling on this one. Mine will be faux stitching, I am hopeless and messy with a needle.


Downloaded and printed. Loving yours but will resist the temptation to lift it!
Stitching - just up my street; goals, hmm, not so much. I think I'll just choose one, then more chance of managing it.
First layout nearly done, thanks again for all your work.

jean sandford

Thanks for prompt 2 just need to think about it now


Just about to download prompt 2, love your page may just scraplift it!


You really have put lots of work into this, thankyou. I dont really do aims and goals, like you they never seem to work for me, but there are a couple of things I have started that I would like to keep going this year so I am going to do those. I love yours btw and am finding it really inspiring. xx


Have downloaded prompts 1 and 2. Like you am celebrating a 'big birthday' this year although it is one more decade on. Always procrastinate in getting started on projects am going to watch from the side lines for a bit to see if I can adapt your prompts to be as much about reflections of 60 years as looking forward to the next 60! LOL! It might also give me incentive to finish some of the half a dozen albums I have half finished before embarking on another...so may be a bit behind but hope to catch you up by May the time of my birthday.


Thank you. Like others I really dont do goal or resolutions, as soon as I do, I break them. This year though I have to lose some weight & get back into srapbookng- so this prompt is perfect!!

karen Butfield

Have downloaded #2 Karen, thanks, another thought provoking prompt looking forward to completing this one very much. Hopefully it will help me focus all the plans flying around in my head and priotise them. xx


Thanks for prompt 2. I've done prompt1 but 'forgot' to put the pictures on, LOL I'll upload it when it's complete.


Just downloaded prompt 2. Just deciding between 12x12 and 8x8. Am coolating all the info for the two papges though, so can start soon, Thank you


have downloaded second prompt. Thank you again. very pleased with prompt 1 layout and ive ordered an album for all these now (better late than never)


Thanks Dolly, all downloaded and off to play!


Hiya, downloaded prompt 2 no problems - just need to put all the bits of prompt 1 together and find out how to put it on my blog!!! love kim x


Thank you Dolly - managed to do 1st layout by Sunday afternoon - going to try and do all mine digitally as I'm doing Jessica Sprague courses - love that it's weekly - thank you for all your hard work


Many thanks, off to have a think x


All downloaded Karen - looking forward to another great "thinking" session. It's really nice to spend some quiet time with just me for a change :)

Babs xx

Mary Bainbridge

Downloaded and admired your LO such details and so beautifully executed.

Susan Watson

Just downloaded prompt 2 Karen. Thanks again for this. First page done but just need a current photo to be resized and printed so I can finish and upload this

Will now have a think about this one


Helen Baker

Thank you Karen, have downloaded prompt 2 and am going to start work on it while my hubby watches football!!


downloaded! Loving it, have so many thoughts buzzing around already!


Downloaded. Haven't started yet but hope to do so this evening.


Thanks Karen just downloaded both - love the layouts xx


Downloaded thank you. I love the circle layout, especially with the hidden journalling.

I have added my prompt 1 attempt to the flickr page.

Photographing Mom

Downloaded and thanks for doing this. Your layout is awesome!


Thanks, Dolly. Since I'd already done a "resolutions" (only I used my word-of-the-year), I added it and last week's to the Flickr 52-10 site. DragonsLady


Have downloaded prompt, thank you.


I didn't get a chance to jot you a comment last week, so wanted you to know that I appreciate your enthusiasm and all the thought that has gone into preparing this project. Your prompt last week encouraged me to write 4 pages in a journal about the last decade! These are things that I wanted to write about for a long time, but never sat down to do it. Thank you for your prompt! I'm enjoying looking in on your blog during the week in between prompts. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to more.


Hi Karen, just downloaded the second prompt - really inspirational (as always!). I haven't done last weeks yet but will make a start soon and Ican only echo the sentiments of others in saying that I appreciate your hard work with this.

Lynne Mitchell

Thanks Karen for prompt 2, really think I will enjoy these weekly ones and just loving this idea of invisible journalling,you have such fab ideas!!
I will upload onto UKS gallery as well as my blog and send you the link on UKS thread!

Sandi McMillin

I'm tentative about putting another year's worth of "presssure" on myself as I over did it last year. I'm thinking I will do the prompts, but haven't started. Project 365 ended and I found myself doing it again--even though I successfully completed it, it's a tremendous amount of work (and fun and commitment).


Thank you as always for a thought provoking prompt. I am still "gathering" myself to get underway.

Jackie P

Super prompt Karen and I am definately up for using stitching on my layout. Have downloaded it and will start work on it this evening.

Thank you.


Hi Karen
I have just downloaded prompt 2. It looks great and I look forward to giving it thought later and getting busy. I am just finishing prompt 1 which I downloaded last week. Thanks for the wonderful prompts so far.

Kate Tonks

Thanks for the great prompt. Love your layout this week - very creative :)

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