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November 22, 2009



Oh Karen, this sounds exciting.I always read your blog, so I'm looking forward to hearing more about your project.

jo sowerby

oooh are u 21 dolly?? :) This is a fab idea - keep me posted and count me as ur first classmate. happy sundays
Jo xxx


Love the tin and your year long project sounds really exciting - count me in please! Will be keeping a very close eye on your blog as I just love your work :)

Jackie Slade

Can't wait Dolly! I'm celebrating a big birthday next year too, so will be looking forward to more info on this project!! Count me in! Jackie x


i read your blog in my reader, next year is a special one for me too so i am excited to join you.
thanks for sharing your inspirational projects.


BIG year for me too darling ..would love to join you xx

mary evans

Oohhh sounds like fun ~ I would love to join in too Dolly even though I've passed my big birthday! LOL

Jacky Scales

This sounds really exciting....will keep an eye on it....and I love the tin...what a wonderful pressie to give.


Bus pass birthday for me in January Karen, so I will definitely join in.


Lovely project for a class and a fantastic idea to mark next year!! I will **try** to join in for sure :) I have to say I was very touched by your Nij's comment the other day, you are clearly adored, how lovely *sigh* What a lovely man :-) *waves to Nij* One day I may meet you too xx `Heather xx

Paula - Buenos Aires

I will, I will, I will! *big grin*


That sounds really interesting - looking forward to hearing more about it.


Thank you for doing this year long class, I so love your work and the inspiration it gives me.


looking forward to joining in this.


Can't wait for this, Karen. I visit your blog every day and have been meaning to leave a comment for ages, telling you how much inspiration I always get from your postings and the many projects you show us. I think you should write a book on scrapbooking - now there's one I'd definitely buy!! :)


I have been a lurker for a long time following your blog. You have got me excited about 2010. Thank you so much for sharing all that you do!

Mary Bainbridge

Ooooo Dolly this sounds interesting and just what I have been looking for a project for next year by someone who's work I admire. So count me in
And Yes if you did write a book like Kim says I would buy too.


Love the altered tin Karen so thanks very much for that.

I follow your blog on a daily basis so am really looking forward to the year long class - I am hoping it will be an important year for me too - not a special birthday but for other reasons.

Mary Bainbridge

I forgot to say that it is a big year for me too next year I will be 70 but not until Dec so a whole year of preparation and hopefully a celebration in December with my family up in Edinburgh I hope


Looking forward to this as a regular reader of your blog I always check a couple of time a week and ussually download your free classes for inspiration. I am hoping to have more free time next year as I finished my PGC in October!

Maria Ontiveros

Wow! That's very generous of you. I"m bookmarking your blog, so that after shimelle's class ends, I cna keep track of you.


you are going to run this for a full year!!thats really briliant,karen i am so looking forward to that, thanks.


This sounds very exciting, I shall be joining in- I've just passed my 'big' birthday but would still like to play along too. x


HI Karen
I have a big year next year to, I will be joining in with you.


That's an ambitious project. I'm looking forward to checking in on it.


I'm in Dolly Snr. Lv Dolly Jnr x

Julie Spencer

This sounds an intriguing idea Karen - just the kind of challenge I have been wanting to do. I always read your blog every day, look forward to it in fact. Look forward to hearing more!


Can't wait for the details sounds great, I could have done with it this year as I have a very big year this year!! I love your blog and read it every day.


I am looking forward to joining in too :O)

thanks for doing this

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